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Yes technically lithium = LI = li-ion are synonyms and designate the whole "umbrella" of dozens if related chemistries, including the two lower-voltage and less energy dense LTO and LFP.

However in the common parlance many use-case sectors "li-ion" is used to just mean the higher-density chemistries at nominal 3.6-3.7Vpc, those used most often for propulsion use cases these days, as opposed to LTO and LFP.

Yes this latter usage is confusing and ambiguous, but unfortunately it seems more common for "li-ion" than the former broader meaning.

So generally I avoid the term, use LI or "lithium chemistries" for the umbrella meaning

use LFP or LTO specifically

and "higher-density chemistries at nominal 3.6-3.7Vpc" for the rest like NMC NCA LMO LCO etc ad infinitum.
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