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Hi, my name's Andy, I live in Germany with my family and have been dreaming for some time to get an electric vehicle.
Right now I am driving a 20 year old Mercedes E200 that is converted to LPG, but I am not really driving it a lot, as I try to use my electric bike wherever possible (e.g. to commute to work).

I am thinking of maybe getting a W124 Mercedes (the predecessor of my current vehicle, with less electronics) and converting it with the help of a German car conversion company called Lorey machinery.

The challenge is that in order to get a modified car registered in Germany, we have some very strict laws for that and there are difficult - hence expensive - tests of electric interference required. The company in question is ready to help with that. They basically provide kits consisting of an engine, an adapter plate that links the engine to the original gearbox, and a set of LiFePo batteries (they don't do LiIon), and they only convert vehicles built before 2002.

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