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Hey everyone!

My name is Xander Cesari, I'm an ex-automotive engineer turned automotive photojournalist. In my engineering career I worked at FCA, Karma Automotive, Bollinger, and Rivian before turning to my passion for photography and storytelling. I'm launching a new website called The Dynamo to showcase the world of EV hotrodding! It'll be a sort of Hot Rod magazine of EVs, with build features, event reports, and eventually tech articles.

The Dynamo

I'm stoked to be here to check out the forums! I'll be mostly lurking and learning. Just like in the combustion world, the aftermarket is a very different space than doing OEM work so I'm learning the lay of the land and what parts/suppliers/best practices are available. I'm also scouting for stories and feature cars, especially builds and conversions that'll really make the mainstream car world perk up and see the amazing potential of EVs! I was out at the Holley High Voltage Experience in Sonoma last month and saw tons of combustion enthusiasts get instantly won over by some of the awesome builds out there. Most recently I was down at the Performance Racing Industry show where the aftermarket industry is starting to really take note of what's coming in the EV space.

Please give us a follow on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), keep your eyes out for more content, and feel free to email me ([email protected]) with tips, story ideas, or just to say hi!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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