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New member, new hybrid ev project

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Hello, I'm Elliot and I am new to the EV conversion community. I've been researching and lurking for the last 6+ months or so, gathering information for my next automotive project. I've been doing mechanic work for over 10 years, professionally and as a hobby. I've gotten to the point where it doesn't bring me much pleasure doing tedious things like oil changes, filter changes, etc. and I'm actually going back to school and switching careers completely. So I have hopes that this next project will also be my last. I'll try to start a build thread soon, to record my progress and share information with anyone who might attempt something similar in the future. I haven't found any projects far underway or completed that are like mine.

I plan to do a hybrid conversion with an old classic pickup, using an updated/newer internal combustion engine with a front-wheel drive layout aided by an AC induction motor directly driving the rear axle (no transmission). But the "hybrid" part doesn't stop there - I'll be covering the bed with solar panels. So far, I have gathered a lot of the parts: the truck of course (already had it), the ac motor, a controller, solar panels (already had them), and batteries on the way. I'll try to save most of the details for a build thread :D

I know that a few people have proposed using solar panels to help extend range and usually end up foregoing that idea, as the additional weight is usually too prohibitive for any real gains versus hooking the panels up to the grid at home or whatnot. However, being that I live in a very sunny state in the southwest (Arizona) and that I enjoy long camping trips and adventures away from home, I figure this will actually be an ideal solution for me.

Anyways, I'm glad to be a member of this forum now. It seems to be the best community for information and support of the electric vehicle conversions in North America.
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