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Welcome! :)

Since you have specific vehicles in mind, it would probably make sense to start a thread for each vehicle in the All EV Conversions and Builds sub-forum.

Since most people won't have an idea what a Comanche is, for that discussion it would help to provide a bit of explanation: type of vehicle (pickup truck), size, configuration (front longitudinal engine, rear-drive or 4WD, beam axles), and construction (unibody based on the Cherokee). I would have guessed that you would have the first Comanche discussed in this forum, but carambo46 built a 1986 Comanche around 2011 and offered it for sale in 2012; that was a low-voltage DC build apparently with lead-acid batteries. There's also related Cherokee conversion in the Garage, using more recent tech (LiFePO4 cells, AC motor).

Rather than jumping directly to a design (as most people will do), since you're at the stage of gathering information it would help to mention that, to get the general types of solution available, and the factors to consider for your specific base vehicle, rather than people pointing you to some particular example of their favourite motor or battery on sale somewhere today. :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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