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Hey all! Just joined.

I live in Palmetto Bay, FL where golf carts are legal. I started a club for them 7 years ago and since then I built a totally custom Nissan Leaf powered ride that is now in a nationwide build off. I have done three lithium conversions on my friends’ carts in that time. My friend just tasked me with taking it a step further.

He has been building a late 90’s Ford Ranger electric conversion. Most of the work has been done, but he knows nothing about lithium and has hired me to finish the job. He wants this to be a 35 mph around town beach cruiser. I am putting in a 16s leaf setup and wiring and programming the zilla/hairball combo. Doesn’t seem far from the golf carts I am used to but may need to post a build thread and ping members here for questions from time to time. All the hard work has been done, warp motor installed and driveshaft hooked up. All accessories work (although he is powering them with a 12v accessory battery).

Looking forward to this hopefully short venture!!! Attached are some pics of the truck and my previous work.

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