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Hi I have a '63 Corvair that I am thinking about converting to electric so I am looking forward to learning from this group.
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There have been many Corvairs converted, and even some conversions discussed in this forum, with some of those being recent:
Planning to convert a 1968 Corvair 500
1964 Corvair EV conversion (EM-EV)

You may not want to use any of the components or methods used in those conversions, but they should be of interest anyway, as they deal with some of the issues specific to this model. Note that the rear suspension is very different between the first and second generation Corvairs, and that affects some of the available conversion options; the two discussions linked above are different generations.
Hi from the UK, wanting to learn how to build an equivalent 500bhp 4x4 ev 🙂 I have a Land Rover and the engine is at 225,000m, although it’s perfect runner, it will need a rebuild, and I really don’t want to invest into another Diesel engine, so maybe ev is the way to go… my car has air ride stability control and would like to keep that… anyway hi and see you in the forum
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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