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Hello everyone, I am retired and am very interested in building an electric 1970’s vw bug for local driving. I’m thinking a 50 mile range and running the older style dc system with sealed batteries, not Lithium. I am looking for advise and chatting about electric vehicles.

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Other than the Barbie Jeep, the world has moved on from sealed batteries...they're more expensive, heavier, and don't have as many charge cycles in them. Why the "no Lithium" stance?
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Why the "no Lithium" stance?
I know nothing about motors, controllers, batteries, electricity, cars, but I want to convert this thing into something that works well and I want you to guide me through the process!

How many first posts like that do we see per week ?
Beats watching Gilligan's Island reruns as you await The Big One. They need to start somewhere.

But they also need to understand it's usually cheaper to just buy an electric car and generally is not worth doing unless it's a restomod or ground-up build. A 70's Bug fits the bill so far.

The lithium-batteries-catch-fire-easy myth runs a lead battery's hydrogen explosion dousing you with sulphuric acid is preferable, somehow.

Lots of stuff on the site and lotsa time to read up when you're retired and neither Mary Anne or Ginger do it for you anymore.
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