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New Model 3 (wait it does have relation to DIY) Aero Wheels

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I just bought a model 3 and was curious about the aero wheels. For past eV's I have done the standard dome hubcaps. Everything from derving dishes to 18in pizza trays. Has anyone compared the aero hubs to standard pizza tins without the "brake enhancing" openings of the aero wheels? I'f not I gladly would. Plan on getting back to the DIY side after my eV sailboat conversion is done and work on bike and unimog but trying to get any aero benefits in the design I can before building whether it be ordering fancy tesla hubs or pizza pans.

I get tesla puts a lot of thought into design, but at some point you make concessions. Many people hate the look of solid dome hubs, but if it gets me 5% over the 5% range gain the normal aero's get then I'll make the sacrifice :D
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