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Okay.....after a lot of research, l have decided to scrap my 2 Boma 48v 1800w motor setup, and go with a Motenergy ME1202 motor, set up at 72v, with either a Kelly, or Sevcon Gen 4 controller. I would have the one motor driving both rear wheels via a single shaft. This motor puts out a maximum of 60ft lbs. of torque, so l should get very quick acceleration, when the "urge" arises. I considered the Motenergy ME1114 motor, but think l am going with the ME1202, because it seems to be water resistant. It is however, meant to be mounted to a transaxle, so l will have to modify a golf cart input shaft, and do it that way. I of course will need to fabricate a wheelie bar to keep the front end down. I love quick acceleration, l also cruise around off road, ride in the forest, and want a top speed of 35 mph maximum. Do you think this motor will work for me?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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