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new non-ev (yet) member

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Hi All,

I'm not into EV yet, but I shall be when the time comes. In fact I'm building a kitcar that was almost started as EV, but battery price is still a problem for a long-range-fun-to-drive car.
When the time comes, I will be targeting the Outlander PHEV rear motor as drivetrain. Eventually I will ask question if anyone managed to run this motor, wiring, etc.

For now I shall start a discussion regarding AC electric compressor. Prices on ebay for Leaf's and Outlander's are very attractive, as a "half-way-EV", I want to put one of those electric compressors in my kitcar. So far people here know that the Leaf's is an UART controlled compressor, but didn't find much information. I'm curious if anyone looked into the Outlander's one? It seems to be canbus. One may ask: "how are you going to drive an electric compressor without high voltage source?" Well, we have to improvise! šŸ˜†

Nice to meet everyone!
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