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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I just finished up building my small SOC display that works with the Orion BMS. Orion sells their display for $75 USD which is an ok price but you get this ugly display that shows SOC in increments of 10%. I dont know about everyone else, but I like to know my SOC to 1% tolerance.

The andromeda displays are beautiful but quite expensive, so I wanted something that was affordable, simple, elegant, and straight to the point. So I made this small SOC display. It has a battery on the GUI that is filled with yellow and drains as your SOC goes down- looks neat, and then the actual percentage is given to the left. The percentage will start in green text, then change to yellow and then to red as your SOC goes down.

The point of this was to make a display that people with Orion BMS, or any other BMS that outputs SOC on 0-5V interface, can add to their car to just give them the most used data on the EV. Anyway, I thought y’all would probably like it! I know I had been looking for something simple like this for so long now, and I figured a lot of people out there might enjoy using it as well!:)

I’m going to 3D print a nice case for it as well which should be nice. I’ll also offer an extra service to customize the look and UI of the display. I’ve done this for a few people already and they loved it! I can also do customization like adding buttons and small relays to control other parts of the car, and have multiple pages on the display if needed.

I’m attaching the picture of the display without the case. The display pictured is the 3.5” model, but there’s lots of sizes available! I can also make it vertical instead of a horizontal display.

Let me know if anyone is interested! 🙂


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