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I have a Peugeot Partner Tepee that was converted by Allied Electric in Scotland in 2011 the battery is on its way out and to replace the cells it would be over €8,000 (84 x 100A CALB cells)

So I'm looking at changing it over to old tech AGM batteries I know they are not as good as the Lithium but I don't have the hart to scrap the car.

It has:
Ansaldo Electric Motor and Inverter
nominal battery voltage 288
battery voltage range 180÷400
power (nominal / peak) 30 / 60

max. DC current 350
max AC current 400

Anyone ever do something like this :)

I live in Ireland :D

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Why not get a Volt or Leaf pack - will be cheaper than Lead!

And just why are the CALB's dead???
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