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Hi All,

Using Google, I just found an article (H20ham) regarding an electric 7 build on this site.
I admin for a FB 7s group (… 7Spot) and thought I’d reach out to everyone here about electric 7 builds.
7Spot a private group for Lotus/Caterham 7s and Replicas Owners / Builders with about 8,200 active members.
We do Livestreams, Recorded Interviews and write Articles on 7 owners, builders, racers and manufacturers.
… pretty much everywhere (Lithuania, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Equador, the USA, Scotland, England, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy, Barbados, Singapore, El Salvador, Chile and Poland so far).
We have done recordings and shop tours with Manufacturers too!
(MK Sports Cars (England), GBS Sports cars (England), Raptor Sports cars (Scotland), Harper Sports Cars (South Africa), CXS Designs (England), Palatov Motorsport, Hangar Motorsport (Argentina) and Cordova Motors (Brazil).
We have done Livestreams with builders of Electric 7s and I thought I’d contact you to see if any builders here would consider being a guest with us on an upcoming livestream.
We have loads of 7 builders on 7Spot.
Lately, we have been developing the topic of “Building 7s” for our group and I would love your input on electric 7 builds.
If anyone feels up to it, please consider contacting me and jot down the answers to 2 Questions:
1. Why did you decide to Build?
2. How Long Did It Take, … or How Long Do You Anticipate the Build Will Take?

… and btw This is NOT a Membership Drive!
… We have done Lots of Livestreams with non members of 7Spot!

At 7Spot, it doesn’t matter whether you own a Lotus 7, Caterham 7, a Westfield, MK Indy, any of the other Clones or even a Locost, ... we love em all!
Our sole purpose is to bring the world of 7s together and more than anything else, we want to know your 7 story.
Think about it and let me know.

Jim Gould
7Spot Media

[email protected]


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This is "Duncan's Dubious Device" - its sort of an electric "7"

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for your replies.
We will be doing a Livestream on 7Spot (hopefully on Jan 16 ... I will confirm date and time) with a builder in California who is building an electric 7. We also will have a guest (in Ireland) who has completed his electric 7 too. ... will effort to add a builder in Barbados (not sure if he's available)... am in contact with Westfield also to see if they will join the stream.
I am looking for "expert guest panelists" for the show so please feel free to contact me. ... best! Jim ... Program details here ... Live

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Hi All:
We've got Confirmation of time, date and Guests for our livestream:
Internal Combustion and Screaming Electrons LiveStream Special.

Be with us Sunday January 16, 2022 (at 10 am PST)

. We're Featuring Martin Coghill's Fab (self made) Locost as well

as his Electric Cyber 7

. also joining the show will be Greg Kelly (in Ireland) to have a chat

about his Electric Westfield conversion.

. Graeme Finlayson, (from Barbados ... now in Ireland somewhere) long time Westfield racer and "build team member" of Dan Johnson's Electric Westfield will join the panel. ... ( Dan's Electric Bajan Westfield) ...

. and truly blessed to have Julian Turner ( Electric Westfield Sportscars ) who will

tell us all about everything Electric at Westfield!

Don't be Late ... It's Gonna Be Great!
We are looking for more Panel Guests ... so contact me through the site:
7Spot Live Schedule ... Live

YouTube (Schedule) Link will be activated this Sunday.
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