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hey guys , ive been around cars since i was four i have a lot of experience with internal combustion engines for the past 5 years ive been doing a lot of performance car project turbocharging standalones suspension upgrades custom work , welding blah blah almost everything you can think off so my mechanical skills shouldn`t be an issue. My electrical skill on the other hand are good enough to diagnose faulty sensors , wire stuff in like ecus , make custom looms and etc .
i want to build a bmw e46 estate ev as far as chassis i think there is a lot of room for all the components
so my questions are where to start car is going to be used as a daily so maximum range will be nice and enough power to maybe match the lowest output petrol engine in that chassis
i was wondering if a direct drive system is possible cuz the transmission tunnel is pretty big and will fit perfectly a very well sized motor keeping the low center of gravity for better handling and convenience for fitting more batteries in the engine bay stock fuel tank is about 65 liters and is under the back seat so is another good battery location with placement between the axles good balance again.
some stock parts weights for that vehicle
engine 6 cylinder around 190kg
gearbox 100kg
full tank is about 75 kg
any ideas and suggestions keeping in mind i want to do it on a budget and try and do most of the work myself even going in unkown waters, because i want to learn and maybe one day do it professionally conversions and etc .
in europe easy to find car is going ot be a nissan leaf
as well as high voltage 78 96 forklifts if i go the dc route

any ideas and suggestions is appreciated.


excuse my poor writing, english is not my first language

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It is quite hard to give guidance without knowing what you want to achieve.

It sounds like you are tending towards performance?
Are you after a certain top speed?
What is the weight of the vehicle?
What range do you need?
Will it need to deal with a lot of hills?
Are you after a certain level of acceleration?
What is your budget?
Will it be a daily drive?
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