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New to the forum and EVs

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I have been building a variety of cars and bikes for the last 60 years. Current stable includes a 427 Cobra Roadster replica, 1983 500SL, 69 Jag XKE 2+2 and a '77 Harley Iron head Sportster.
My latest project is a '23 "T" bucket roadster pickup with electric power. Still in engineering phase on the battery/motor/controller part, but running gear and drive train is '99 Jaguar IRS rear, straight tube front axle, and ZF 5HP-24 5 speed automatic trans without torque converter.
Rear tires are MT 33 x 21.5-15LT Anticipated total weight is 1500 LB. Design target was 0-60 in about 3 seconds, but don't know if I have room or $$$ for batteries. I do want it to be usable as a daily driver. Open to suggestions from those who have "been there".


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