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New to the forum from Spokane, WA

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Hi there! I've recently jumped into the EV world by purchasing a 2018 Chevy Bolt. Great hatchback.
Have been interested in fully electric plug in vehicles for a while.

With the technology and support improving every year, it seemed like a great time to dive right in.

In the garage with the Bolt are an '89 911 964 C4 and a '76 2002 automatic. Both of which I plan to convert to electrics.

The 2002 is in the middle of a restoration which will include a new paint job to Colorado orange and restored interior. I've already completely restored and upgraded the suspension. I don't know yet, what route I'll go with the EV conversion. Still doing research there.

My 911 is in great shape and many purists on Rennlist think it a sin to do what I'm planning. I dream of having a fully electric Porsche 911 with great performance and good range. This is my forever car whether it's powered by a 3.6 flat six or a 3 phase motor.

I'll learn doing the conversion of the 2002 and apply that to the 911. At least that's my vision.