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New to the forum, Introduction

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My name is Steven,
I come from the Netherlands. Firstly Id like to apologize for my English as it is not my primary language.

Today I have registered myself to the Diy Electric Car forum. I hope my questions, idea's and my errors can be shared here . Reason for signing up is because I am considering converting a petrol car to ac electric as a sports/fast commuter car. Hopefully I will be able to help other (new) forum members soon, until then a young mind and a enthusiastic vision of electric cars should motivate me starting and finishing the electric car project :)

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Ditto, welcome and good luck. Before buying anything read all accross the forums, and make sure you post your car in the garage. Also post what vehicle you plan to convert, and what your goals are for range, power. And of course the "planned" budget. No relevant question is stupid.
Hello Joakim and Rhizogen,

thank you for your kind words!
I will share my plans as soon I find they can be shared.
Logic, Financial & Emotional reasoning for each decision in the plan should be included.
You should not apologize for your English skills, as they already are better than alot of us that are born to it.

Study what we have done and ask any questions that you come up with.
The EV grin experience is very enjoyable.

Welcome aboard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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