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Hello all I thought I’d sign up and say hello. I’m a ev enthusiast from the uk and I have decided to embarking on my first ev bike build. It’s not a electric push bike, it’s a hardtail motorcycle frame that I am looking to build with a recycled forklift motor.

However I thought I would do a bit more research before I pick a motor. I have had a lot of negative comments from a couple of forums I must but I am hoping that was because they’re not ev friendly.

About about my project. I plan on building a bobber style ev motorbike I want to be able to travel around 80 miles on a single charge and travel at a cruising speed of at least 60 mph. I’ve posted an image of the frame. I know I have a long way to go. 😁

Anyway I hope my project is welcome here and I hope I can find the answers to all my questions here.


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We're not as active or knowledgeable about E-motorbikes as the folks over on or Electric Motorbike Forum (EMF).

You're welcome to stick around and post, but you might find better advice elsewhere.

I built my crappy motorbike (Well, 1985 Honda Nighthawk) from a forklift motor. Not all that common to do, they're a bit oversized for bikes.
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