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New to this site, looking for information or help with my Bombardier NEV

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I have a Bombardier NEV that does not run. I have been trying to get this going on and off for the last year.
Here is what I have done and what I know. When I bought it the guy said he had no idea why it did not run. I bought a full repair manual which has only been helpful for the wiring diagram.
First I found the controller was bad. I had a second controller that I did not know history on I installed it but still no run. I found that the cluster was not fully functional, I was able to buy a new cluster from Peacock (the company that bought out Bombardier NEV). Now cluster functions but still not running. I have rebuilt the key switch and know it functions. I also bought a rebuilt controller from Peacock and the display error changed (still no run). I have tested to the best of my skill all the pots for throttle and brake and pretty sure they function.
List of replaced parts
all batteries for the 72 v system
relays under dash and main power relay for turning on 72 volt.
I am lost, when you turn on the car the information light stays on which indicates an error as far as I can tell.
Please help
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please let us know where you are in the country. Perhaps someone can help you in person.

Also what kind of controller is it?
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