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New transmission just can't get it out of gear

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I bought a new transmission (FWD Getrag 5-spd) for my Fiero EV.

Well I've had it for a while, hooked up the shifter and cables and can not get it out of gear.
1) Think it is stuck in 2nd.
2) No clutch or motor mounted
3) Have tried to use wrench and some leverage but have not gone overboard.
4) I've tapped shift arm on transmission with a hammer.
5) 99.99% sure I am pushing in the correct direction. For that 0.01% chance I've tried pushing in the opposite direction.
6) I've spun the transmission input to try and work it loose, no luck but the output shafts do spin.

Is there some sort of way to finesse this?
How much force should I use? I am a big boy over 250 lbs and semi-athletic so I can generate some force.
I hate to force it.. I remember my small engines teacher in middle school saying don't ever force it or your spend twice as much fixing it.
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Is it possible that you just need to put both shifting arms, on the outside of the Tranny, into neutral ?? Hard for me to explain. You have 2 arms that the shift rods go into. IF 1 of those is out of sync, so to speak, it has effectively jammed the other shifter. Try to work each one separately, to find a "Neutral" position.


Very common on old worn tranny shifters, back in my day.
I don;t know this box but, yes, you may need to jiggle both arms together to find the neutral spot. The arms would have interlocks to prevent incorrect gear selection and it may be these that are stopping the movement.

The other thing to look for is a detent ball, or two. It would be under a hollow 'bolt' with a strong spring that you will need to catch. Sometimes if one is missing then the selectors can jam as it would allow incorrect movement.

If you bought the box this way then maybe the previous owner accidently lost one and just put the bolt back without it.
Could be you got a bum deal too. Should check those things first or have proof that it works before spending your money.
some of the new stuff has solenoid actuated levers that have a need to step on the brake feature to get them to shift in and out of gear. Mostly on auto's but I did come across one in a rangerover. Any wierd connectors with more than 4 pins near the shift housing? Another thought is that it wasn't in neutral when you inserted the shift lever. Seems to be a big deal on 4.0 Rangers
Thanks for input folks

Thanks for the input folks.

I was never able to get the shift or select to work...then when adding the axles I noticed that both would not slide in correct.. Think something must have been moved around in there during the shipping. It's been shipped around a lot (shipped it to get plates sized as well). I'll worry about cracking it's case and fixing later.

Don't have much free time (work work work) so I ordered another transmission.....drum roll please.....

And this one works!!!!! Shifts smoothly in and out of every gear.. and of course axles rotate correctly.

Not that I plan on doing a lot of shifting but....

Have everything together and ready to mount cradle back in car.


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