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New UK member.

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Hello folks.
I’ve just joined from the UK, Cheshire area.
I’m not really an EV fan but am slowly realising that this government will do all they can to get us out of ICE cars, so best get on board. I don’t like modern cars and couldn’t afford one of the current crop of EV’s, however I love the concept of a classic car running solely as an EV.
I’m most curious about the work Damien Maguire has done using the Lexus GS450h transmission and would love to put one of these into a Jaguar XJ40, ideally with a range of about 150 miles.
I’m here to learn and admire the work others have done in order to hopefully do similar someday soon.
Feel free to offer advice etc.
ta ta, Mark.
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Hi mark.
I'm pretty new to this myself, EV conversions that is always been a petrol head and done more than my fair share of mod's and engine conversions preferably a V8
but it does seem that the older the better especially here in the uk I'm in the process of converting a 2002 Mini Cooper S using a leaf inverter / motor and 530e BMW batteries
and so far I've been stuck in front of a computer ensuring that I can get the engine management, abs, charging, and other warning lights to work properly once I remove the ECU
because most of those are an mot fail so pre can-bus would be a lot easier though an XJ40 is a heavy old lump
Good luck
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welcome man, by the way It's a dream of mine to visit England and specially London.

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