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Hello All,

I am looking to learn a lot from this forum. Looking to do a conversion in the summer on something that can carry 2 adults and one child and at the same time be fun to drive. So far its between a BMW 1600/2002, Corvair, VW Beetle or Alfa GT if I can find a roller. Once I have my first behind me my main goal is the second to be a Citroen 2CV or Traction Avant. Likely going to go with a Hyper9 with Model S packs but also researching the use of a Leaf Donor car. I also found a nice 59 Ford Anglia that would make a cute EV conversion, but my fear of parts availability and I was unsure if the transmission could take the torque had me pass on that one. Figure its best to stick with a mainstream USA car as a first build.

I am 6'4" tall and as much as I would love a Triumph TR6 or Fiat 124 I just wont fit and we need the 3rd seat anyhow.

If anyone has any experience with any of the cars listed above feel free to offer advice. I am located in Glendale CA and if anyone has a classic conversion near me I would love the opportunity to see it in person.

Take Care,

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