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I'm new to the whole EV arena and I thought this would be a good place to start. I am looking for a good donor car that would get be to and from work ~50 miles each way on the highway. I normally drive about 80 the whole way, but I have a feeling this would no longer be an option. I just got a job doing quality control for a local machine shop, so I have some experience and access to tools.

I also have an idea with using a small generator or motorcycle engine to charge underway, but that would be farther down the line. I have read the forums and the wiki, but I am looking for some guidance.

PS I live in Florida, where solar cells would probably eventually be attached. But the downside is that AC is a MUST, especially in the summer when it gets up to ~100

Look here:

Use the search function to look at possible conversions you may have in mind. You will have to have a pretty good budget for those requirements.

You have enough there to keep you busy reading for weeks. After you have filled your brain come on back with some questions and a more detailed idea of what your requirements will be. I guarantee you will change your ideas by the time your done reading.

Pete :)
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