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I don't think I'll ever draw too much off of them in my motorhome. Just some LED lights, small water pump, a few amps for a DC refrigerator and maybe a couple other random things. I really just want to minimize the need for a generator and solar. Since I'm not worried about leaving these batteries in a partial state of charge it doesn't matter as much if they aren't replenished every day. Or at least that's my theory, if I'm wrong hopefully someone will tell me. What do you do to maintain that 80 degrees in the winter? I suppose if I built a box to store them and had an inverter running inside it might keep them warm. I would like to set up the liquid cooling/warming option but I haven't seen any good setups for that.
I have three of those Volt Packs. 1.5 (24kWh) I put in my EV, and the other 1.5 waiting for ??? maybe integration into my home off-grid solar system.

One thing about those batteries with regards to solar: the modules being blocks of 12s (except two of them 6s) and with a high voltage of 4.2 per cell and a low of 3.0 per cell (as I understand it).... with the 12s modules you have a max voltage of 50.4 and a low of 36. Most 48v (nominal) inverters have a LVDisconnect at 42v. With an inverter like this, you will never realize the whole capacity of your battery. Look for an inverter that can be programmed to have a LVD of 36 volts. I believe the Magnum's can do this. Also the old Trace SW5548's... not sure who else but check the specs before you buy.

Good Luck!!!
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