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New 18650 cells are going for $0.95 /Ah. Used prismatics from EVs are about 2/3 that price.

Assuming you got the complete Volt Gen I pack, which is a 7s12s3p+2s6s3p, with 288 cells, each at 15.4Ah, that would be $0.27 /Ah, which is a terrific price - assuming they all work and you got the full 288 cells.

Depending what your application is, it may not need the BMS. You can also purchase off-the-shelf non-Volt BMS if necessary. Some folks here use this pack without a BMS, and rarely need to re-balance the cells. Besides, the Volt BMS may force you to carry a huge 35% unused buffer, which drops the capacity from nominal 16kWh to 10.4kWh usable. if this is the case, then the Volt BMS is useless.

Looks like a good balanced charge you have there. If they had lost charge and re-charged by the dealer, I would think there would be a greater variance in the 288 voltages.

This appears to be a good deal, and if the BMS has the -35% issue, then you don't need it, and if you really need a BMS, then get 8x 12s BMS (as low as $15 each, depending on amperage).
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