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I apologize, I'm new to pretty much all of this stuff so I have no concept on scale or problems with this, but how difficult or is it even possible to make a full scale, Highway legal, long range Motorcycle. How difficult would it be to make a proper all electric Motorcycle using 2 Hub motors, an all weather touch screens and most of old motor area turned into battery storage?

All I keep finding are cheap/near worthless Indian/Chinese Scooter motors that top out at 60mph OR Bicycle hubs

farther google searching lead to the "Where do I begin?"

My level of Auto Mechanics is above "can use a Wrench" but below Knowing how to use a Welder, I also do some component level repair as a hobby.

The range I NEED is about 200 miles (it's like 140 to go from my home to the nearest city round trip) I live in Central New Mexico which is both extreme heat AND extreme cold, Something like -35f/c to 127f/53c and about 2km above sea level, WITH some extreme Dirt/mud/slick roads

Money isn't really an issue, this is more of an idea where I need to start, it'll probably be Harbor Freight or Chinesium Ebay for half the parts

The Batteries are likely the Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO batteries but I'm not too particular/no clue where to go
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