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Newb wanting advice

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Pretty sure I'm going to either do a conversion or buy an Empulse, just wanted to know if I can get the same range and approx performance if I DIY. 30 miles each way to work and figure I need a built in buffer, so, say, 100 mile range. Empulse 10 has that range and should be some what peppy for ~$15k. Is this doable as a trike or car? I assume I could replicate a bike for less, but would prefer trike or car. Thanks in advance!
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I am seriously considering building from the La Bala kit from Excluding the cost of the chassis, can I do ~100 mile range for $10k with that platform? Thanks in advance.
I don't think so. Even with that platform you will likely need about $10k just in Lithium cells to hit the 100 mile range mark.
yeah, a car would get ~300wh/mile, maybe more, maybe less, it's "average".... so that, times 100 miles is 30kwh. Add a little more for good measure, and you're at least 32kwh, at $1.25 an Ah for CALB (lets use 100Ah cells), you'd need ~100, 100Ah 3.2V cells worth of capacity, so that's $125 each for 100 cells, that's about $12,500 for just batteries (give or take). That doesn't count motor, controller, charger, Battery Management/Monitoring, DC-DC converter, Cable, wiring, fuses, gauges.....etc.

And the enertia won't do 100mi range at 100mph, it's more like 45mph or lower to get that sort of range.
It seems like you're investing a lot of money for a long-term vehicle. After some time, you'll eventually be saving yourself money that would have been spent on expensive gas. But you're also doing the world a service.
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