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Newbie 1997 toyota celica gt

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Hey everyone, I just joined as of today. I bought a celica for $400, it runs and drives but I'm wanting to replace it with an ac motor. I'm an electrical Technician, work at a cement plant. So, ive been allowed to get a bad motor from work, rebuild it and use it for my car.

Questions I have so far, what would be the best hp I should look for, we only have 480V motors, so i'm going to have to have a bunch of batteries, unless theres a way around it.

Power steering and brakes, what do I need to do? I've read get a vacuum pump. What other things am I overlooking that I have to do in order to get this to work?
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First - where are you? there are different options in different countries

Your big AC motors are unlikely to be of any use - the requirements are too different
Does your plant have any electric forklifts?

You will have forklifts even if not electric ones - find out who services them and approach him for the possibility of getting a motor from a dead forklift
Earlier ones (like the one i'm using) are DC but later ones are AC
that would be a negative on fork lift motors, since we rent them out. Everything is 480V and above. It's all industrial. I'm in Waxahachie, TX. What id like to do is drop a dc motor in it and take it to the drag strip ha ha
I'm using a DC forklift motor

Great fun!

I would suggest that you call the people that you rent the forklifts off - or better yet find out where their workshop is and visit with some folding money and some beer
(The USA is a bit more funny about that maybe not the beer)

You want to talk to the guy in charge of their workshop - when he scraps off a forklift he will probably keep some bits just in case he needs them

The repair shops here keep some spare motors until they have too many - then off to the scrap metal man

You need to get in their before they go

I have had zero success with phone calls but calling in got me a lovely motor for $100
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Okay, I know who we rent from, maybe the next time I see them at our plant, ill talk to whoever is there.

So, for now get the motor and then worry about the other stuff later? I'm reading through peoples builds, trying to get an idea of what I need to get/remove in order for this to work.
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