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Newbie Aussie EV dreamer!

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I just bought a 1989 Mercedes 300E ice engined fossilfuel burner that I would love to convert to EV. Curb weight at 1400Kg is a bit on the heavy side so I will need a fairly heavty EM and Battery pack. The 27 batteries at 3.26 Volts = 88 Volts won't quite do it as I think I need a DC Voltage pack of 144 Volts. Anyone got one? I know Australia is a long way from anywhere, especially the USA where most of who guys seem to live. Perhaps I'll just have to wait until I get my yacht and can sail the Pacific to pickup a battery pack and EM.
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There are a few Aus based suppliers
Leon Ford at is a good supplier for batteries and some other parts.
I have heard from a few people that is not a reputable seller, they have a reputation or taking money and not delivering.

A Nissan Leaf battery pack would probably work well for you, Infact, the whole Nissan Leaf would probably work pretty well for you.
Perhaps buy an old Leaf (Around $10-14K) and use that as a complete donor into the Merc chassis. With a donor car, you'd get almost every single part you need for the conversion, then it'll just be fitting and adapting things, wiring, fabrication etc. The engineer will 'theoretically' like it better if you use OEM parts too.
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