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This is a quick newbie consult about the HVH250-115 motors.

I am just getting in touch with these units for the first time and I wonder if you could kindly address me on the right track of understanding about their configuration choices:

Rated voltage: all the units I have seen on the web state 700V on their tags (most, if not all of them, old Remy units), and the curves family found in the specs sheets also step up to 700V. Should I understand that,

1) The entire family is wound for 700V as its rated voltage (no matter if D or S) and the different curves just describe the performance of the motor for this rated voltage and a few other lower discrete values (350, 500 and 600V on new BorgWarner literature; 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600V on Remy’s)?


2) Should I expect units wound for any of those values as a rated voltage?

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