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Hi all

Looking to convert my Lancia Montecarlo (after I've done all the bodywork) to electric.

I'm not an expert in this field and I'll be getting my brother to do most of it (he's a mechanic/risk taker etc). On the research I have done, which was mainly looking at electric classic cars, I plan to stick a HyPer 9 motor into it with Nissan LEAF batteries (Tesla batteries not surprisingly expensive).

The car will be used mainly in the summer for commuting. My commute is 60ish miles there and back. The car can be charged at work (I work at a sustainability consultant company), but ideally I want the range to be 80ish miles. Its pretty much a 50mph speed limit all the way, so top speed is not so important.

The car is mid-engined, RWD and pretty light, so I think its ideal for conversion (could be wrong though?)

Just wondered if anyone out there has done a similar conversion? The engine and gearbox are the same as a Fiat 124 - maybe someone out there has done an adaptor plate for the same type of gearbox? Or if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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