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Good day,

Yes, while I have many years turning wrenches on many types of vehicles and equipment but I'm a newbie to the EV World and find it intriguing. With that said, I have been doing a lot of searching and learning and came across this forum. My thoughts are to take my 59 Ford Galaxy and convert it to an EV. The reason for thinking about this car is it has tons of room and has no power assist anything. I just ask to have patience with my basic questions for there may be a lot of info on the web, there are a lot of unfinished failures out there as well. If I decide to move forward, I don't want this to be another one of those statistics. Additionally, I also oversee the replacement vehicles at my job and converting the fleet to EV is one of the tasks I will also undergo. What better way to understand new technology and industry but to jump in and do a personal project yourself. I thank you for everyone's assistance but I also ask to keep soliciting out of this. This will be a personal learning adventure away from work. Have a wonderful Saturday and thank you again for being able to partake in the forum.


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