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Newbie. Project updating Ransomes Diabline

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Hi all. Just a quick note to say hello.
I have just joined the forum as recently spent many hours trying to understand the technology that is in use in our electric vehicle known as a Ransomes Diabline. It was made about 20 years ago and started off as a design from France.

Its powered by a single 6ka separately excited motor, 48v battery pack and Zapi controller and separate NG3 charger.

I am looking to update the batteries with AGM hence how I found the forum and learn from everyone else's experiences too.
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Welcome, from what I found on the web the Ransomes Diabline is an European cushman didn't find any pics.
Go with a lithium battery pack if possible. AGM is heavy lighter than FLA but still heaver than lithium based batteries. most 48V nominal LA based controllers can handle 14s NMC 51.8V nominal or 16S LiFePO4 51.2V nominal battery packs . I believe the motor should be abe to handle the slight increase in voltage. The weight reduction should help increase range, speed and payload capacity. I used an electric cushman garbage buggy at work close to 30years ago.
Later floyd
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