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Hi Everyone,
I've been loitering for a while, reading your gems of information.

Thought I'd share my do-ings..
My build is based on a Robin Hood 2b. It arrived a year and a half ago - just a rolling chassis with Ford Sierra suspension, steering rack and some of the transmission. I'm turning it into a really minimalist, lightweight car with ~50 mile range. The first milestone will be to get the thing going as a non-road-legal track-day/hill-climb car, then add the required bits to make it road legal in the UK.

It now has the brakes (300mm disks on the front with Ford Focus Callipers) and steering working (no power assisted anything on this car...).
I bought an Enova 25/90 kW motor and controller combi a year ago. I had an adapter plate machined and welded to a spline to attach the motor directly to the plate on the differential, which is now pointing backwards.

The motor is mounted on it's a.v. mounts on a frame I've fabricated at the back of the chassis. You can now turn the motor by hand and see the back wheels rotate. So, mechanically, this is essentially a working-ish vehicle.

Now I'm getting to the nitty gritty e.v. bits I thought I'd better show my face round here to learn a bit more.
I have just ordered Johannes's controller board, but I think I will have to use part of the design from Damien's hybrid board to hook it into the IGBTs on the Enova Controller?

Any advice gratefully received.. :)
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