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Newbie to EV conversion - feel free to comment!

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This is just a ramble about what I am intending to do in the (hopefully) near future. I have a 95 Ford Escort hatchback that is currently running and on the road. I bought it for the distinct purpose of conversion to electric. As a neophyte, my first hurdle is trying to locate a decent motor that won't kill my wallet. If anyone out there in the skilled ranks has a suggestion, please, bring them on. It seems that this is one of the more difficult items to source, and I am not sure why. I live in Hamilton Ontario in Canada, and there seems to be little resource here to draw on for relevant parts, or I just can't see them.

For starters, I was planning on an "Advanced" motor similar to or exactly like the 203-06-4001. It seems like a good choice for this vehicle. Are these available readily, or is this one that may take some chasing down? If anyone knows a source for these - or any motor that will work in its place, that would be great information. I don't need a new unit, just a good used or reconditioned one. The controller, will be next, but that has to wait until I get the motor. BTW, I was thinking of running a 72 volt system for this conversion. Thanks for reading this! Ken.
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The blogs are better suited for posting news, info and updates. If you have questions, they will surely be answered in the forums. Feel free to post blog entries about your progress as you convert!

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The continuing saga of the ElectrEscort. I have finally given up on the GE controller, as it seem far too complicated to be useful in an every day EV. Progress is slow mechanically as well. Hopefully I will have something useful to post on the blog in the near future. I am making some headway on the adapter plate for the motor, and I have another idea for the coupler. Stay tuned!
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