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Newbie to EV world!!! Needing Guidance

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Hi, all

I am a newbie to the EV conversion world. But I recently got interested in the EV conversion project for my car mainly for hobby. I have looked through this site quite a little while and found lots of great info. So I started this conversation to make sure I'm the right track of making my own ev car. So please guide mr through this.... :D

I have a 1976 Toyota with ICE, which in the future if the engine says Bye Bye on me, I would think of converting it to an EV car. In terms of my personal needs for this ev car, I just want it to be kind of a day-to-day use within a range of 100km+ per charge, driving style is around 100 KPH or 60KPH in the city.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Firstly, I need to do some calculation on how much power of the motor that can give me the performance I want. Then I will decide what kind of system (DC or AC motor) would suit my requirement taking into account the budgets and difficulty of converting it. After that, other components will come in to play.

If I get this right, how do we calculate the power and energy we need? and How to select the DC or AC motors?

Please guide me through.... :D
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A used/wrecked Nissan Leaf has all the bits you would need, except the motor-to-transmission adapter, if it's a RWD. For FWD, just swap the whole mess in ;)
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