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newbie wanting books

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Hi everyone. Building an EV has fascinated my for about a year now and have been navigating around this forum for some time now trying to get a feel for the EV world. I'll be quite honest - It flat scares me!
I have an exceptionally high mechanical aptitude but the lingo and terminology is over my head.
My first question to all who have researched, started, are in the middle of, or have finished an EV project (aka... everyone on here:)) what books can I get my hands on to get me started on an EV venture?

I am wanting to build a car that can travel 40 miles @ 70 MPH. I live 27 miles from work that is uncongested interstate and there are plenty of 110 volt outlets available for use on the exterior of the building that I work at.

I have a Triumph TR7 w/ a 4 speed that looks pretty good from my stand point as a base platform to start with. I believe the weight is just over 2000 lbs. and pretty aero dynamic(?). What are everyones thoughts on this car? and are these goals achievable?

Thanks in advance to all :)

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I see no reason you could not meet that goal but your distance will be limited if you go with lead acid batteries. You will need lithiums to meet your distance goal since you will be driving at a pretty respectable speed to get to work and back. I am currently working on a 77 MG Midget with lithiums and a Warp9 Impulse DC Series motor. I have a DC DC converter and Kelly Controller. Currently I am using a Synkromotive controller but will be installing the Kelly soon. Synkro will be going into another vehicle.

Pete :)

Books! Well maybe you don't really need one but there are a few to be had. They are basic to give you a basic look at what is needed parts wise. We have built cars so listen to those that have had troubles and successes so you don't make the same mistakes. There is lots of reading to do.

Go here for more reading:
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