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I was just wondering if there are people present who are living somewhere in europe on this forum. I'm living in belgium and here it is simply not possible to convert a car in any way and use it on public roads due to strict regulations. Just tuning your car is already a problem, so changing the ice to an electric motor will make the officials who check the car every year go completely mad, and if the police stops you with a converted car on public roads, it's not going to be nice either.
If there are people who managed to do so i would like some advise.
That's why i'm thinking of converting a motorcycle,trike or quad because for these vehicles regulations are not so strict and conversion is cheaper and perhaps a little more doable since it is a first conversion for me.
My garage runs on an off the grid power system (solar panels and windenergy), works great but most of the time i'm having too much power.The general idea is to use that excess power to make small displacements, i only live about 5km from the factory i work, so this should be no problem. So charging the batteries off grid and emptying them on the road is what i have in mind.
Can anybody tell me where i can find a motor (ac of dc) with controller in this part of the world because it seems impossible to find it over here, perhaps i'm just not looking in the right places...
My english is a little rusty, so sorry if my spelling isn't correct

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