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Hello all.
I have been sifting through this forum for a while now. I'm thinking its time I asked a few questions. Mostly just state what I'm thinking and see what kind of advice everyone can offer.
First off a few things about me. I bought my first car at twelve. And promptly started taking it apart to see what made it work. Since then I have tinkered away with cars and motor bikes. Now I'm just into my forties. A few years back I started to tire of cars and bikes, after all I own a quick lube and detail shop so I'm working on cars all day long. I took up model planes. Electric model planes. The power systems are typically 3 phase out runner motors with speed controls and Lithium Polymer batteries. So now after much thinking about it I want to try and build an all electric or perhaps hybrid car. In addition I had some other project ideas that may come first. Like perhaps an off grid table saw.....
Anyways as to the car end of things I have two donors. Not chosen for size. But for the fact that I have them and I no no longer really wish to power them with fuel. First and most likely donor is a 72' New Yorker. Four door no less. Second maybe is a 93 Jaguar that ate a valve seat recently. The New Yorker is my favorite as it has lots of room for components. I don't mind cutting and hacking it. The Interior is completely stripped. Including the dash. I've had it for almost twenty years so it has some sentimental value.
All electric or hybrid. I would prefer to go all electric. It makes the most sense to me. But I can see some benefits from an electric assisted gas motor. There are no electric forklift motors to be found locally. But have been what-iffing with a local motor re-builder about possible alternatives we might be able to cook up.
Idea one. I have downsized the motor from a 440 to a 360. Now I'm thinking to go down again to the 3.9L (chopped down 318V8). Then install electric power steering. Electric water pumps and fans. And perhaps a separate vacuum pump. Electric heating system. Perhaps an alternator that only turns on during braking. Or maybe no alternator and rely on a large battery pack. Along with some other ideas this becomes an electric primer car. But still with the ICE. Kind of the reverse of what most other people do and start with a forklift motor and work all the other details from there.
Second idea is combining for example the dodge V6 (the cut down 318) and a modified large starter or starter-generator motor. Combined with the other ideas above. Obviously I could have a larger travel radius. And perhaps simplified speed control. Maybe just a vacuum operated contractor set the delivers a fixed amount of electric motor boost?
Third idea is just bite the bullet and go all electric. My personal favorite. And If I had the budget I would go straight out and buy a large WarP motor and a Zilla controller and some form of Lithium battery. Unfortunately I'm not loaded and need to look for a cheaper power system for my first build. As I mentioned earlier. They're no sources for forklift motors locally. But I can get a Starter-generator motor for cheapish. $300 rebuilt. Also the local rewinder has quite a few large starter motor cores. The type you would find on large heavy equipment and highway tractors. Not useful right out of the box. But we're thinking that if modified with roller bearings and a cooling system and perhaps by using several connected via belt drive or something. The Starter-generator already has a belt drive adapter/ mount as it is from a diesel powered gen set. He also figures he could acquire some starter motors from "Beaver" aircraft with Radial engines. High torque and rpm.
Lastly what I hope to get for distance speed etc. from my car.
I hope to reach a top speed of 50-60 KPH (30mph) Snappy acceleration would be nice.
Range of say minimum 2 kilometers (1 mile) 5 clicks (2-3 miles) would be better about 99% of all my driving needs. 10 clicks would allow me to do some summer evening cruising up and down main St.
Linear throttle with reverse.
Perhaps the use of a gear box to use a very small motor (S) to achieve my top speed goal.
I live about 1 kilometer from work. The mall is closer. And all the car shows happen at the mall. So I don't "need" a lot of range. Of course more is better.
So I'm not the worlds best mathematician. Or speller :) I have been scratching out on a pad some basics. Like what motor RPM I would need to achieve 60kph direct drive with a 2.7 rear diff. Looking at what amperage other builds are experiencing on their builds. Sifting through the forums about using forklift style and alternative speed controls. Re-used batteries. We have two small air lines locally as well as Helli logger outfits. So I'm going looking for batteries from them.
Does anyone have a link to a Ev using a starter generator? The one I'm looking at is apparently from a B29. I'm looking for a model number or pics now.

I know starter motors are not ideal EV motors. Still any links to EV or LEV builds using them would help.

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