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Next Gen Electric Supercar

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Hey Friends,

I am starting on the journey of building another electric supercar.

Still in the planning stages. Here is my thought...I would like to take the cockpit of a modern car and strip most of the exterior for my own unique exterior design. As far as drivetrain, I was thinking all wheel drive. My first thoughts go to tesla as I have done that before but anything is on the table. Also looking for battery suggestions. My thought is something smaller and more modular and smaller (less weight) than the tesla packs, but that is also an option.

If you are looking for more details, check out the video.

I look forward to your suggestions.
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As someone who typically builds on the thrifty side... yeah you're very much not giving the Warp9 a fair shake, but you're right, getting actual data on it is almost impossible. Also, it's really no better than a junkyard forklift motor the same size. Duncan gets something like 400kW out of his in the 1/8th mile, and I think does some time attacks too, and is competative at them. But I can't see how a motor from the EV meta 10 years ago is going to accomplish your goals anyway. You're not really worried much about cost, which is a major factor in going with a simple DC build. Back when it was almost impossible to build your own inverter for an AC controller, or repurpose an existing one, they were the way to go. But today none of those things are true.

Maybe some day if you get bored of nice supercar and you want to do "Poor Man's EV Supercar", then maybe consider still doing a forklift build but otherwise nope.

You could use a Prius transaxle, or a Lexus GS450H trans/motor, and while plenty zippy, neither of those say "supercar" to me. They say "As fast as you'd ever want it for street use", but not supercar.

Your goals for the project build and end result matter too. Does your familiarity with Tesla interest you to not reinvent the wheel? Or, does it feel like "No reason to do that, I've already been there done that"? Are you at all focused on the joy of the project as a project, or are you just thinking about what is the most interesting end result?

Are you thinking about the ways your current car is lacking and what you might want your next build to be that could be used in a different situation?

Far as I know Model 3 motors have been reverse engineered by Damien and you can buy boards for them and... maybe the inverters too perhaps?

I'd stay away from anything too proprietary, it locks you too heavily into a brand that might not still exist when your project is finished. Tesla and Leafs are safe because the community support is there for them.

Are you interested in this from a video content perspective? If so the most interesting might be the Mustang crate motor, it's the most catchy and that car is making waves where Tesla isn't as attention-getting as it once was.
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