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Next Gen Electric Supercar

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Hey Friends,

I am starting on the journey of building another electric supercar.

Still in the planning stages. Here is my thought...I would like to take the cockpit of a modern car and strip most of the exterior for my own unique exterior design. As far as drivetrain, I was thinking all wheel drive. My first thoughts go to tesla as I have done that before but anything is on the table. Also looking for battery suggestions. My thought is something smaller and more modular and smaller (less weight) than the tesla packs, but that is also an option.

If you are looking for more details, check out the video.

I look forward to your suggestions.
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Interesting, but how do you see this as being meaningfully different from a body kit on an AWD Tesla?
Ahh Brian...

Almost all builds fall into 2 categories.

Rebuilding/restoring something old or broken to return it to its former glory
Trying to improve looks, performance, or functionality

My build would fall into the later category. In many ways this is what the majority of kit cars are; taking the drivetrain/power unit from a donor vehicle and create some more pleasing/aggressive styling (granted very subjective). Sometimes they try to improve the performance with different suspension, or with reduced weight.

To answer your question...It might be very similar if I do something like Vaydor (Infiniti G35) or Valarra (Corvette). I do not love the Tesla interior (or exterior for that matter) so I am likely not doing a body kit on a Tesla.
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After listening to your goals of having less fiddly things like doors and interiors to do but still having a go at exterior design I was thinking about the Porsche 996 chassis. They can still be had relatively cheap (for a Porsche) and the IMS failure might be a good candidate. Also they made AWD versions in the Carerra 4 and Turbos so you could either adapt the physical driveline, or possibly put a Tesla drive unit up front for AWD. Lastly, there are limitless suspension and upgrade parts for the chassis as well as tons of bodykits that could serve as a base for your project.
Yes the 996 is a top candidate
Okay, the second category of kits... the body kit that I asked about. Apparently a Tesla isn't the right base vehicle, but if you use any EV and change only body, it's an interesting custom car project, but not really a conversion, right?
It will be a conversion of sorts, but not a traditional conversion
Working through motor selection

Thanks for your insights and questions. I have much to think about.
I am finally getting around to starting this build

More to come
Glad to see another 981 conversion!
Watched the vid last night.
Reach out if you want to talk a bit more!

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I skimmed through your Openinverter forum posts. Looks like I should be talking to you about CANBUS manipulation
More Teardown. Losing 400-lb

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