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Next Gen Electric Supercar

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Hey Friends,

I am starting on the journey of building another electric supercar.

Still in the planning stages. Here is my thought...I would like to take the cockpit of a modern car and strip most of the exterior for my own unique exterior design. As far as drivetrain, I was thinking all wheel drive. My first thoughts go to tesla as I have done that before but anything is on the table. Also looking for battery suggestions. My thought is something smaller and more modular and smaller (less weight) than the tesla packs, but that is also an option.

If you are looking for more details, check out the video.

I look forward to your suggestions.
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A car with enough torque to break traction on any wheel at any speed, and the software finesse to prevent it from doing so. That would be my definition of a supercar. Two Tesla LDUs is a quick, cheap and somewhat dirty way of achieving that. You can buy a wrecked car, take out the motor and then on-sell the rest of the parts for what it cost, so the hardware is essentially free other than the hassle of having carcasses and mountains of junk to deal with. The control equipment will cost some extra of course.

Take the Emrax numbers with a fair bit of salt if they come from the manufacturer only. Has anyone externally verified them?
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the fundamental focus of its design is comfortable heavy car
Model S suspension is early 90s BMW E39 which is pretty good for its time. The S adds 12 degrees anti-squat in the rear and 12 deg anti-dive in the front which is definitely a lot, and the non-adjustable 1-2deg camber on the rear is the real bugbear because it chops out the tires in very short order. A better camber on the rear would be adjustable -0.5 to -1. Dial down the anti-dive and anti-squat to 8deg, take a rear toe-adjuster bolt and put it in the camber arm inner end and it should be a pretty good setup. That is what I'm doing. Either way it is going to be a barge.
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