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NG3 chargers can't current limit on lithium batteries?

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We've been using an NG3 charger for the last several years to charge our lead acid pack. We originally had Electric Conversions install an optional low current mode switch on the NG3 so that we could charge on a standard 15 amp outlet while at work.

We're in the process now of upgrading our pack to lithium. Before we purchased the new batteries we had contacted Electric Conversions regarding modifying our NG3 to handle the lithium batteries. They said they would be able to modify the charging profile for our configuration.

Now, after just receiving the charger back from Electric Conversions we noticed that the low power option had been removed from our unit. They failed to mention this little detail to us. I contacted them and all I was told was we can't current limit on lithium batteries and it would take to much time to do. If you can current limit on lead acid why not lithium? If the hardware of the NG3 supports current limiting on lead acid it should be just as capable of current limiting on lithium. I realize that it might require a separate charging profile or something but it can be done.

My plan now is to figure out the profile programming of the NG3 and modify it myself. I have a lot of professional experience in reverse engineering electronic systems and feel that it can be done. I know a lot of people have been down this path before on here and have found some decent information. If anyone has information about the NG3 charger that would help speed up the process it would be appreciated.

Two lessons here, NG3s don't currently have a current limiting capability on lithium and avoid Electric Conversions. After reading some of the other posts on here, I'm not the only one to have problems with this company.
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I found your thread recently as i would like to make a few adjustments to a spare NG3 i've got , thought you might like to see this image of what must be a remote control of the output which i think was designed to interface with a BMS , my question is has anyone got a similar control on thier Zivan as it would be handy to make use of it but i don't know how to ?
A little background is it came out of a small production run conversion of a Citroen C1 using in my case 32 x 160ah TS cells and the surprising thing is the cover is marked 96v but it goes into float/balance at 132v (4.125v/cell ?)The car has a sophisticated BMS which i believe has capacity to balance on discharge as well.


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"Do you by any chance have a picture of the power board of the NG3?"

NG3 96v Electronics Transistor Electronic component Circuit component Technology
NG3 144v Electronics Technology Electronic component Electronic device

A little mod that EEC put in instead of the 2k pot Electronic engineering Electronics Circuit component Electrical network Circuit prototyping

What is the function of the left hand pot on the power board ?
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