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Nissan Leaf Battery reconfiguration

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Hello All,
I am putting together a front wheel drive reverse trike.
I have 36 nissan leaf batteries that I need to reconfigure, still in series but in packs of 6 mounted in the same orientation as the x24 battery string i.e on the edge and on the side. Obviously a 24 long string mounted that way requires considerable 'framework' to support it and I guess the reason for the bottom edge of the batteries not resting on anything is to allow for the best cooling of the batteries closer to the middle of the pack. If I only want x6 mouted this way I dont see the need for so much metal work and I'm thinking I could use the toplates from the layed flat packs cut in half and stud bar without risking any undue stress on the lower 2 stud bars and just add some angle to the bottom edges of each endplate to lift the 6pack asy 0.5" off of a baseplatef, thoughts ?

I am also considering air cooling via cabin air and a temp monitor to look at temp in pack vs temp in cabin and have some actvie control to ensure dew point is never reached while also adding a silica gel cartridge to the input of each pack, thoughts ? exhaust heat would leave the cabin and make its way to the outside world via a 'mock' exhaust pipe with a flapper valve.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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