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Nissan Leaf BMS wiring differences between 2013 24kWh vs 2018 40kWh

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I'm trying to find out if the wiring, connectors, and pinouts between the 2013 and 2018 BMS to battery modules are different or the same. I haven't found any pin diagrams for to the BMS anywhere so if anyone has a source I'd be happy to know.

For context, I'm planning to replace the 2013 24kw modules with 40kw modules. From what I understand this method is call a bruteforce upgrade. There shouldn't be any controller issue as I'm using the Resolve-EV controller but my research thus far suggests issues with the BMS not recognizing 40kw thus not reporting the correct capacity not being able to charge it fully.

So this means I'll be also upgrading the BMS from 2013 to 2018 but that leaves open a question whether the wiring has changed or not. From a glance, the connectors look the same but the pin out on the connectors is unknown.

If anyone has a 40kwh battery and has a pin map for the connectors, that should help.

In case someone comes across this thread again, I documented my solution here:
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try to look into this recently published wiring schema for latest Leaf (ze1). Probably do not have the battery internal wiring schema and pinout.
Hi Ginetto,
You wouldn't happen to have that pdf for the 2018 model year (Japanese Domestic Market), would you :) ?
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