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2014 Tesla Model S 85
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I don't mean to revive discussion, but this thread almost has the answer I'm looking for. I followed the link to Nippon Ceramics and am pretty sure it is the part number NCEV***V2S5. The data sheet has a similar looking sensor so I think the wildcards might affect the actual housing but not the internals. The wiring is listed as:
  1. N.C. (No connection? It's blank and not otherwise described
  2. VCC (+5V) (on mine it is green with brown stripe)
  3. GND (on mine it is blue with white stripe)
  4. Output (on mine is yellow with black stripe)
I'm not sure it will work with my Thunderstruck MCU or how it compares to their compatible sensors. I may wire up VCC, GND, and connect the Nissan output to B2 on MCU, similar to the LEM HTFS Hall sensor and try to put a known current through.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts