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Nissan Leaf EM57 motor 2013+ vs 2017+ any difference?

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I want to experiment with the EM57 motor. I noticed, that newer models spec more horsepowers (148 vs 110) even though it's still the same motor designation. Is there any real difference between the motors or it's just battery/inverter upgrade?

The parts catalog shows slightly different part numbers (90A0-3NF4C for old EM57, 290A0-5SA0A for the new one). I thought that could be just a difference in mounting holes or other minor changes.

If there is no difference - I can potentially save tons of money by buying an older EM57 ($700 vs $1500).

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Have you had a chance to physically compare old and new motors? I don't need the inverter, only the motor.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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