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Nissan Leaf EM57 motor 2013+ vs 2017+ any difference?

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I want to experiment with the EM57 motor. I noticed, that newer models spec more horsepowers (148 vs 110) even though it's still the same motor designation. Is there any real difference between the motors or it's just battery/inverter upgrade?

The parts catalog shows slightly different part numbers (90A0-3NF4C for old EM57, 290A0-5SA0A for the new one). I thought that could be just a difference in mounting holes or other minor changes.

If there is no difference - I can potentially save tons of money by buying an older EM57 ($700 vs $1500).

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It's likely the same motor. The maximum power is limited by the controller, which is programmed to avoid damaging the battery by using too much power. The motor rating has gone up with time, but because of battery capacity, not because of time.
  • 24 kWh and 30 kWh: 80 kW
  • 40 kWh: 110 kW
  • 62 kWh: 160 kW
I don't know if the inverter has changed, other than programming.
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