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Nissan Leaf module mounting hole diameter question

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Hi... I’ve acquired 8 Nissan Leaf gen3 3P4S modules and am designing a mount. The module holes nicely pass 7/16” drill bits. This seems to correspond to an M10 rod pass hole that is specified as 11 mm on my drill chart.

Have others used this diameter (M10) rod? It seems reasonable to me that for a rod passing through 12 cells and two fixtures that a mm of wiggle room is about right.


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I used 1/4-20 all thread. Probably a little excessive wiggle room, but works fine.
Thanks. You have a beautiful setup. I've enjoyed reading your posts.

My holes in the angle iron will be center punched and hand drilled, some wiggle room is going to be necessary. My thinking is that as long as there is enough compression that the modules don't vibrate they should be fine.

I used quarter-inch stainless threaded rod and biggass holes in the end plates. Once the bolts are torqued down, the battery pack will be rigid.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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